Save SA Wine


SaveSAwine is an Non-Profit initiative to promote the South African Winelands and South African Wine.

The South African wine industry needs help. Due to South Africa’s recent nationwide prohibition of alcohol, Vinpro estimates that over 90% of wineries are in trouble, the entire wine industry could lose more than 15% of wineries and 12.6% of grape growers, which is more than 18,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

Vinpro further estimates that wine tourism has lost more than €300 million in revenue between March and July 2020, with the majority of these losses incurred at the tasting room. This will inadvertently have a severe effect on profitability, employment and the financial stability of the communities that are dependent on this sector. While the turnover from wine tourism activities represented nearly 15% of wineries’ total revenue, micro wine cellars with a turnover of less than €500.000  per year are most dependent on wine tourism, which represents 41% of their total turnover. It is especially the small and micro enterprises that do not have sufficient bridging finance to sustain their businesses.

Several steps can be taken to support the South African wine industry. Read more about this here. Of course you can also help by buying South African wines, such as mentioned below. Each bottle counts!



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